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A Community who Lives in the Flow of their Rainbow Auras

About Rainbow Soul Family

We are a group of spiritual seekers, lightworkers, healers, energy workers, starseeds, personal growth junkies, and anyone who is committed to living our life purposes with joy and fulfillment. We are here to hold energetic space for each other's growth.

Helen Plehn is the host of this group. Helen is a certified Crystal Healer, Yoga and meditation teacher, third-generation Fengshui master, and Ayurveda practitioner. She's been on a spiritual journey since 2011 and has been meditating daily for the past 10 years. She deeply believes that at her soul level, joy and beauty are its expressions. Her ancient soul was a wise teacher and healer and her humanness on Earth asked her to create and lead. She is called by the divine to create this membership and the Flowing with Your Rainbow Course to share her inner wisdom to anyone who wants to live their life purposes with joy and fulfillment.

Helen has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture, and a Ph.D. degree in Experience Design.

Why You Should Join Us

Through this membership, you will watch your obstacles disappear as Helen guides you to effortless joy in Finding Your Rainbow flow. Leverage the power of the miraculous energy that permeates all of existence to create the life you want, and learn how to:

  • Effortlessly fulfill your desires by aligning them with the flow of the universe.
  • Open and activate the power of your seven energy centers, called chakras. Learn how to sense, cleanse, heal, strengthen and maintain your own aura health. 
  • Discover who you are meant to be and start living your purpose.
  • Tap into the powerful energy within to raise your vibrations and uplift everyone around you.

What is Rainbow Soul Family about?


Monthly Topics

Every Month, Helen will provide in-depth content about spiritual practice. Gurus and masters in that specific topics will sometimes be invited to share their wisdom with our members. A monthly Q&A or spiritual ritual call will be held live in Zoom. 

All members are welcome to discuss the month's topic with questions, supports, and share their personal growth journey. All members will have their individual profiles. You can direct message Helen or another member of the group.

This content schedule is preliminary. It may be modified depending on members' interests and needs.


  1. January: Meditation
  2. February: Subtle Energies and the Chakra System
  3. March: Crystal and Energy Healing Modalities
  4. April: Fengshui Practices and Energy Upgrades for your Environment
  5. May: Holistic Lifestyle: Ayurveda, Yoga, mindful and clean eating, honor Nature's and your own energy cycles
  6. June: Emotional, Trauma, Karmic, Ancestral Healings
  7. July: Spiritual Tests to Understand You: Human Design, Astrology Chart, Enneagram, Numerology, Fengshui Birth Element, and Kua Number Reading
  8. August: Self Esteem, Actions, and Manifestation
  9. September: Develop Intuition and Psychic Abilities
  10. October: Divination Tools: ways to communicate with the divine
  11. November: Shadow Work: embrace your dark side
  12. December: Your Soul's Gifts, Purposes, and Lessons: Akashic Records, Council of Light, Your Star Origins
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